Value System of A Company: Past, Present and Future

The value system of any company represents thought process of company’s founders and reflects in the overall working of it. Some 100 years back it was the ‘owner and laborer’ culture where laborer are considered to be just like machine or they were in place of machine. Labor used to do all sort of work and the value system was to keep them engaged with work all the time. It was quantity not quality time. There were no thought for employee or society as stake holders.

As the time passes, with the formation of International organizations like International Laborer Organization and Indexes like Human Development Indexes, the value system gets changed and as employees also got more aware, they demanded for promotions, justified salary, pensions and holidays etc. In that era, formation of labor union started. With the value system little changing and was completely money minded, leaders of such labor union was enticed and kept in control for controlling larger mass of laborer. The thought for employees in the mind of employer was just taking initiation in that era.

Then developed the current value system, where employees are equal stake holders and there are different policies for them. Now the employees’ satisfaction towards work is given equal importance by employer and they are provided an ambience of friends instead of boss-labor culture. Thus today sustainability as value system of company is developed for employees. Now only those are successful, which care for their employees as their own, this culture is demand of today.

It’s not only that you want to build a brand, so you are caring for employees, but its need of today. Because otherwise you will not be able to retain your employees and since as a company you have invested so much on their learning and otherwise, so it will lead to financial setback and work will gets delayed also.  Also the society and your clients will not consider you as a good company. People now have started looking at sustainability aspect of whole product life cycle and accordingly deciding their purchase of a particular product and/ or services.

Thus sustainability is need of hour. As a value system it is developing and future is for sustainable companies only!